Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit consist a Commando Veteran Workforce, with experience within business organisation, government and assignment for private person.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit consist an Commando Veteran Supported Workforce, with large business capabilities. Through crime investigation and intelligence activity, counter -espionage and undercover attacks, we protecting everything on the planet through professional services ranging, through businessorganisation to multiple government, and from undercover attacks to the process tracing suspects.
Recherchebureau BPI can compete highly sophisticated criminal organizations globally.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit offers an CEO with 38 years' serving- combination within the Commando and different U.S Government intelligece and investigation services, he has a full breadth of experience in
crime investigation, counter- espionage, undercover attacks and criminal intelligence.

United We Conquer

With 38 years' government experience, mostley military, intelligence and investigation business, I have had five separate careers, each one building on expertise developed in the previous assignment.

I don't have a yacht, very expensive cars or home worth millions, but I have never been bored at work. I've always been challenged to think and work at the most sophisticated levels, and I know that what I have don has helped country's prosper and be safe.
The people I work with are intellectually curious, have wide-ranging and surprising interests and knowledge, and possess dynamic, rigorous and sophisticated thinking standards. They also demonstrate the highest of ethical and personal standards; it is a pleasure to work daily with such impressive people.

Sincerely John; Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit 0031-6417-55-907.

In the Netherlands certain our investigative services are conducted by Dutch licensed. Including: Ministry of Justice POB 798 - Personal Data Security College m 1315498 - Chamber of Commerce 27267615.