A graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy..., BPI Criminal Investigation provides unique cross-border services and is a trusted advisor to both shareholders and the Board of Directors regarding investigative techniques, investigative strategies and scenarios, and criminal profiling analysis, necessary to form an information of an investigative file.

Despite their good work, both the Crimes Against Humanity organization and the Medicine Sans Frontières organization, known internationlly as the Doctors Whitout Borders organization, are often victim of terrorist-religiously motivated threats and crimes.
BPI Criminal Investigation is committed to both the Crimes Against Humanity and Doctors Without Borders.

Embassies, development aid organizations and the Crimes Against Humanity organization, can only do their job if they have reliable and up-to-date intelligence from areas beyond the control of allied forces. This also applies to the international business community.
BPI Criminal investigation also works on behalf of international companies, that can only do their job if they can trust that their investments are protected and secrets remain secret.

BPI Criminal Investigation has built an unique worldwide network and capabilities, and has access to highly trained experts in investigative techniques and counterintelligence operations. Former Special Agents and Special Forces veterans who have combined their military skills with the counterintelligence skills acquired in government environments.

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