BPI Intelligence and Criminal Investigation Service is an 'globally oriented' detective agency in securing and analyzing evidence, and other thorough and successful investigation methodes.

BPI Intelligence and Criminal Investigation Service is an international detective agency understanding crime trends and criminal behavior. Securing and analyzing evidence, and providing other investigative service necessary to ensure thorough and successful criminal investigation is what we do.

BPI Intelligence and Criminal Investigations Service works closely with federal an local authorities to ensure investigation decisions are based on sound legal principles and consitst the following units:

  • Crime Scene Unit helps local law enforcement agencies and corporate officials process felony crime scenes for physical ecidence and provides experts to testify in court.

  • Cyber Crime Unit helps law enforcement agencies and corporate officials deal with the increasingly complex technical and legal isseus involved in computer crime investigations and prosecutions.

  • Special Investigation Unit conducts probes that fall outside the scope of other investigative units. Typical cases: Heroin and Narcotics, Unsolved Homicides, Fugitive Apprehension, Missing Persons, Public Corruption, and Dignitary Protection.

  • Technical Operations Unit provides direct field support for diplomatic officials and law enforcement agencies through the installation and use of technology. This includes audio and video recording devices, wiretaps, GPS tracking devices, and other technology needed for specific cases.

  • Criminal Intelligence Unit collect, processes, analysis, and disseminate criminal intelligence directly to miltitary intelligence and law enforcement agencies. The unit focuses on organized crime, major crimes, criminal gangs, fugitive apprehension, and organized drug trafficking operations.

BPI is only as good as the integrity, professionalism, cooperation, and commitment of those who serve the detective agency. Through training, self-assessment, and accreditation, BPI has gained and maintained the respect of law enforcement and other criminal justice professionals around the globe.