Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations consist an Commandos supported workforce, with experience within target reconnaissance.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit are an globally operating Veteran Workforce, that support leading organizations, government and military organizations advance with: Joint Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition Reconnaissance.

Joint Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition Reconnaissance is part of Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit and is engaged in collecting, analyzing and disseminating intelligence.., intercepting and eavesdropping on voice and data communications during investigation and intelligence operations.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, we are an globally integrated group of experts working beyond borders and disciplines. We harness our collective expertise to deliver the inspired and practical strategies clients need to stay ahead of what's next. Using our military and investigation, intelligence and analystic skills.

Our expert teams can quickly develop an strategy designed to identify sources of information, responsibel for critical situations. Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit, can move swiftly and effectively to find facts, recover losses and mitigate risk.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit is led by a former senior U.S. Government Special Agent, with Special Forces background, with extensive experience managing complex multidisciplinary intelligence and investigations operations to ensure the like hood of identifying and reporting all of the salient facts in an independent manner. Our findings and reports have enabled clients to resolve corporate crises, military and government isseus, among others.