Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations: Commandos Veteran are professionals, and they are ethical in the way they conduct their work.

Controle, Countermeasures and Undercover Attack. Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit is an globally operating Special Forces Agency, working exclusively with a Commando Veteran Workforce. These Green Beret Veterans are ordinary people, who do extraordinary things..They have an very strong ethos of public serve, but yet their work often goes unnoticed. Green Berets who are serving Recherchebureau BPI are intensely committed to keeping people, investments and countrys safe, they are tirelessly, professional and ethical in the way they conduct their work.

Recherchebureau BPI Special Investigations Unit consist the following departments:

  • Controle, Countermeasures and Undercover Attack. Cyber Crime Unit help business, organizational enterprises, the intelligence community, universities, and military and intelligence agencies deal with the increasingly complex technical and legal isseus involved in computer crime- investigations, and legal prosecution of criminals.

  • BPI Special Investigations Unit provide an Globally Tracing Operations Unit who coduct the process of tracing suspects, securing and analysis evidence and assist in legal proceedings.

  • The Special Investigations Unit conducts probes that fall outside the scope of Cyber Crime Unit.. and Criminal Intelligence Unit. Typical cases: Fight Criminal Intervention in Companies, Globally Fugitive Apprehension, Fight Against Financial Terrorism Support, and Dignitary Protection.

  • Technical Operations Unit provides direct field support for diplomatic officials and law enforcement agencies through the installation and use of technology. This includes audio and video recording devices, wiretaps, GPS tracking devices, and other technology needed for specific cases.

  • The Criminal Intelligence Unit collect, processes, analysis, and disseminate intelligence. These Unit focuses on organized crime, major crimes, criminal gangs and drug trafficking operations.