BPI Recherche Intelligence Operations & Crime Investigation is a leading organization in three key areas: intelligence and counter -intelligence, dispute and investigation, and infiltration.. and exfiltration strategy and operations.

BPI Recherche is a global consulting firm that helps government, leading organizations and private persons advance in three key areas: Intelligence and counter -intelligence, criminal investigation, and infiltration and exfiltration strategy and operation.. Headquartered in The Hague, "Netherlands" we are an integrated group of experts, industry leaders, and professionals working beyond borders and disciplines...

Director and owner:

With 34 years experiance (mostly) intelligence and investigation business, I have had five separate careers, each one building on expertise developed in the previous assignments. I've worked overseas, for different... government, and had policymakers interested in what I've discovered.
I've learned an immense amount about the field I studied at university: international relations, but I've also learned so much about people, systems, politics, critical thinking, writing, briefing, and topics as diverse as sanctions to biography to satelliies.

I don't have a yacht, verry expensive cars or home worth millions, but I have never been borred at work. I've always been challenged to think and work at the most sophisticated levels, and I know that what I have don has helped country's prosper and be safe.
The people I work with are intellectually curious, have wide-ranging and surprising interests and knowledge, and posses dynamic, rigorous, and sophisticated thinking standards. They also demonstrate the highest of ethical and personal standards; it is a pleasure to work daily with such impressive people.

John Toet- Director, Analytic Manager, Intelligence Specialist, Double Agent, Green Barett.

BPI Recherche intelligence and investigation services; are based on global laws. In the Netherlands certain investigations are conducted by licensed, including Ministry of Justice: Licensed POB 798 - Personal Data Security College: Licensed m 1315498 - Camber of Commerce: Licensed 27267615.